Presented by

Francesca Bartoli & Claudio De Paoli, Bip CyberSec, Daniele Catteddu & John DiMaria, CSA, and Giuseppe De Meo, ACCA software

About this talk

This webinar will introduce the STAR Evidence-Based Self Assessment (ESBA) program. This CSA project to evaluate the viability of a new EBSA is meant to provide a level of assurance between STAR Level 1 (Self Assessment) and STAR Level 2 (Third-party Auditing-Based Certification and Attestation) and address the needs of small and medium-sized cloud providers. These providers want to deliver higher assurance to their customers, but they do not have the time and resources to achieve a fully-fledged third-party certification or attestation. During the webinar, we’ll present the general idea of the EBSA and share the results of the first EBSA pilot conducted with the Italian organizations ACCA Software (Auditee) and BIP (Auditor).