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2nd Phase of works of ETSI ISG ISI (4 working groups) has been accepted by ETSI Director General and launched last April

The 4 working goups launched (one revision and 3 new ones), which will result in 2018 in new standards complementing the current set of existing ISI standards, are the following:

– ISI-003r2 (“Key Performance Security Indicators KPSI to evaluate the maturity of security event detection”), meant to complement the current standard with a full example applying the KPSIs to SOC activities

– ISI-006 (“An ISI-compliant measurement and event management architecture for Cybersecurity and safety”), meant to develop a language to let various types of detection tools (10 types studied) communicate with each other

– ISI-007 (“Guidelines for building and operating a secured SOC”), meant to establish a set of guidelines to build a state-of-the-art SOC within a secured architecture

– ISI-008 (“Description of a whole CERT/SOC based SIEM whole approach”), meant to describe such a whole enterprise-wide detection/raction approach and to position ETSI ISI standards in this context

This 2nd phase of works was also the opportunity for ISG ISI to broaden the list of existing members.

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