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+200 partecipanti al Workshop Club R2GS Europe – FIC 2017, Lille (Francia)

As announced a few weeks ago regarding Club R2GS presence at FIC 2017 in Lille, a one hour and a half Club R2GS Europe workshop has been held last Wednesday with the topics « Which operational indicators for efficient SOCs and a robust Cyber defense? ».

Main Club R2GS directions around indicators and statistical figures have once again been developed on this occasion according to complementary perspectives exposed by diversified players (enterprise-wide vs. technical, users vs. integrators and vendors) :

– Main directions (G²C and Club R2GS Europe),
– Mobilize an overall company with progress in user behaviour (Air France KLM Group),
– Measuring the effectiveness of a SOC (Excellium et Club R2GS Luxembourg),
– Measuring the effectiveness of a SOC (ExaProbe),
– Threat intelligence contribution to incident detection (ThreatQuotient),
– Extending usual Cybersecurity to monitoring of industrial systems (Club R2GS Germany).

This workshop, which gathered 210 participants, has convinced, given public interest expression during the workshop, that all directions were extremely fruitful, the various presented usages demonstrating the key joint role of the ETSI ISI standard, which further and progressively pulls behind it, beyond users, many vendors and integrators.

Moreover, the presence at Lille of Club R2GS chapters reps (per CSA Italy era presente Roberto Obialero) for the 2nd Club R2GS Europe General Assembly meeting, helped to see the further development of associations and the increasing interest pour the ETSI ISI standard.


Gérard Gaudin

Founder and Chairman Club R2GS

Founder and Chairman ISG ISI (Information Security Indicators) at ETSI

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